Statement, Parkland, Florida

All of our hearts go out to the families, loved ones, friends, teachers, and anyone else even remotely connected to the Parkland, Florida high school youths killed in yet another act of violent evil. 

I want to share with you a section of a sermon I gave last November, at the time referencing the mass-shooting at the Baptist church in Texas, following on from the one in Las Vegas... 

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Questions of Faith Christmas Edition 2017

To the world, readiness for Christmas has everything to do with pies baked and purchases made, and little to do with spiritual preparation. The all too typical approach often seems to be a prescription for a pressurized holiday where Jesus' birth occasions feelings of anxiety or depression. Therefore, it is important for Christians to model something different, where the arrival of Our Savior can be recaptured as a time for joy, especially in the midst of difficult times, as opposed to an attempt to drown out or deny trying circumstances.

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