Statement, Las Vegas

Dear friends, as far as I am concerned, today we are the first church of Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are here to cry, to grieve, to console, to declare, and to pray.

We are here as clergy, not for a moment, but for whenever you need us.

We are here because treachery has spoken so terribly, and we are here because we know that god always has the last word, for those who remain, and especially for those whose earthly lives were taken away.

We are not denominations, we are determined, we are disciples, we are people who know where one is laid low, all of us suffer, and where any are victimized, all of us are in pain.

Where some would fear to tread, we have faith to press on, for we are sure that the love of god runs far deeper than the depths of depravity that touch us so profoundly.

The scriptures are no stranger to the evil and senseless mass elimination of human lives. Indeed, they testify to such a moment in direct relation to our savior's birth.

Thus, our faith is not negated by sin. Rather, it is always defined by it. For even as we have been tragically reminded of our need for a redeemer, we are made even more mindful that indeed, a redeemer in Jesus Christ – once a vulnerable child, then a crucified victim – indeed, in him a savior for all of us has come.

                                                                                            – Reverend Bill Keane